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1.    The three guarantees service will cover all the quality problems of the products manufactured and sold by our company and it will be carried out by the sales and service team.
      2.    The after-sales service team will be immediately sent to solve the problem after receiving the user information about the quality of the product (via calls, letters or verbal notification).
      3.    After-sales service personnel should solve the problems carefully, thoroughly, to completely handle the quality issue and ensure user satisfaction.
      4.    After a timely solution of the problems of products sold, the after-sales service personnel shall have the duty to provide users free services of technical advice, technical training and other products associated problems solutions.
      5.    All expenses shall be borne by our company due to the product quality problems. For product quality problems caused by the user (or beyond product quality guarantee problems) expenses will be charged by our company, but it should not be higher than the total fees (or cost).
      6.    Firmly establish a belief that user first and everything is set for the sake of users. To handle the quality issue timely, seriously and ends well; pay attention to credibility and maintain the image of WEIHUA products to response the company trust and customer satisfaction.

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