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The steel structure of the Gantry Crane

Time2017/6/12 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

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The steel structure of the gantry craneconsists of crossed gantry framerotating columntruss herringbone frame and rigid tie rod, composite boom and other components. Among them ,the portal frame,herringbone frame ,rotating column and boom are the main force components.

Portal frame:the portal frame supports all the weight of the upper rotating part and all the external loads. Therefore,the portal structure is of great importance to the stability of the whole crane and to reduce the weight.The quality of the gantry crane structure is about 20%~30%of the whole crane quality.In order to ensure the normal and smooth operation of the crane ,the portal frame must be of sufficient strength,especially with large stiffness. The structure of the portal frame can be divided into rotating column, door type frame, large bearing portal frame and fixed column door frame. According to the type of steel used in the portal frame, the truss can be divided into truss type portal frame, plate girder type portal frame and box type door frame.

Frame: in a gantry crane, a miter frame is generally provided to support the boom. The push rod of the luffing mechanism, the tie rod of the combined arm frame and the counterweight lever are connected with the herringbone frame. The herringbone frame is supported on the rotating platform. The structure of the herringbone frame is related to the basic parameters of the crane, the adopted boom and the type of luffing mechanism.

Rotating platforms and rotating columns: widely used rotating platforms and rotating column structures. The metal structure of the platform consists of two longitudinal girders and flat plates. According to the size of the force, the beam can do a box section or the H-shaped cross section, the boom and the A-frame are supported on the platform. In addition, there are lifting rotating platform and rotary column connection. The two lower support seats of the boom are welded to the end of the main beam of the platform.

The rotating column is often made into a pyramid shaped thin-walled box structure, with large rigidity and light weight. Since the section size of the column is large and the arm thickness is small, in order to ensure local stability, the rigidity of the periphery is often strengthened with the transverse bars and longitudinal bars in the inner arm of the column.

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