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To view the development trend of engineering machinery from crane boom

Time2017/6/26 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

The boom is the most important part of the automobile crane, and the design of the boom directly affects the lifting performance of the crane. The structural quality of the boom generally accounts for 13%~15% of the quality of the whole machine, and with the development of the large tonnage truck crane, the proportion will be higher. How to reduce the quality of the boom and improve the performance of the machine without affecting the lifting performance is the key problem for the design of the jib Crane.At present, there are two main methods adopted in the industry:

1The application of high strength material;

2The improved jib structure, using the polygon (or arc, ellipse) arm to replace the quadrilateral arm. 

With the continuous development of large tonnage crane products, high strength steel plates are widely used, and the strength of the boom is also greatly increased. But if the strength of all materials is used, the structural deformation of the boom will also increase. As a result of the increase of deformation, the bending moment caused by the axial force of the suspension arm becomes a factor that can not be neglected.


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