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Two Projects Of Weihua Group Won The China Machinery Industry Science And Technology Award

Time2017/7/20 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Recently, the Chinese machinery industry science and technology award notice, the Chinese Machinery Industry Federation, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Organization expert review, public notice, Weihua group declared "based on the anti swing of container crane" IOT "Twelve rope and boat handling cranes" two scientific and technological achievements project to precisely locate its unique anti sway control system and advanced technical performance, and talent shows itself from the review China machinery industry science and technology award, two prize China machinery industry science and technology progress and won the third-prize, realize our company in the award list for two consecutive years in the famous.

"The Internet of things technology twelve rope anti swing of container crane" with original electrical and twelve composite rope anti swing technique based on the winding wire rope six isosceles triangle formed four plane between the car and the sling, the mechanical anti swing, swing with the technology of anti electrical company, ensure the container in the process of loading and unloading smoothly, improve the handling process of the safety and efficiency of loading and unloading.

"Ship project for handling cranes in Henan province in 2015 major science and technology projects, the results of the structural design, advanced hydraulic driving and walking technology design concept, using the Ackerman steering technology principle, realization of ship handling free transitions and 360 degree turn, to maximize the satisfaction of the ship maintenance needs.

These two achievements have the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, and can be widely used in railway container, freight yard, port, ship handling, military ship manufacturing and aviation, etc., and has a very good market prospect.

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