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Analyze The Load Of The Crane

Time2017/7/25 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

In any machine, there are unlimited carrying objects, in a certain amount of load, there is a certain range.And know more than mechanical capacity of the operation can cause mechanical danger, like cars if overload situations will most likely cause of the accident happened, for the crane is the same.Safe operation is of a specified range, this is required for load test of hoisting machinery before use should be done to make a comprehensive analysis, is such a load test is special equipment supervision and inspection departments of the hoisting machinery before use of supervision and inspection of an important content, is the test of hoisting machinery product quality and safety index. The load test can not only test the deformation of the crane metal structure, but also detect the effective condition of the crane safety device.

It is important to test the safety of crane for, because this one machine is linked with our life of machinery, mechanical development can be seen, pay attention to the safety performance of mechanical mechanical development of more. In fact, in the actual life, cranes work in a variety of conditions, while lifting objects are also various, different shapes. If such conditions for crane without a capacity limit decision will be caused more accidents in crane use for the detection of this operation is also a good way to protect the safety of the.

As a matter of fact, the safety problems of cranes, such as cranes, heavy lifting equipment and aerial work, are more attractive. In the crane weight bearing if more than a certain amount of leading crane collapsed, so the influence of things around quite large, but the load detection before the crane operation is a better preventive measures.


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