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What Are The Requirements Of Hydraulic Oil Used In Lifting Machinery

Time£º2017/8/7 Post£ºHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

1.Hydraulic fluid should be of proper viscosity.Viscosity is the magnitude of the inter molecular frictional resistance in the flow of oil. The viscosity is too large will increase transportation resistance in the pipeline,the energy loss in the process of work increased,the host no-load loss increase,fast temperature rise and high working temperature,a¡°hole¡±phenomenon may be in the main pump suction end;stick to spend hours there is no guarantee that a good lubrication engineering machinery,increase the wear and increase system leakage the volumetric efficiency of pump parts,caused the decline.High pressure ,high temperature should choose high viscosity,high speed movement should choose low viscosity.

2.Hydraulic oil should have good viscosity.Viscosity is the degree to which oil viscosity changes with temperature,usually with viscosity index.The larger the viscosity index,the smaller the oil viscosity decreases with the temperature rise in the hydraulic system,so that the internal leakage of the hydraulic system is not too large.The operating conditions of engineering machinery are generally inclement.The hydraulic oil temperature varies with load and ambient temperature during operation,and the viscosity index is generally not lower than 90.

3.The hydraulic oil used in lifting machinery is good abrasion resistance and lubricity.The aim is to reduce mechanical friction and guarantee the service life of engineering machinery.

4.The hydraulic oil must also have good anti-oxidative stability.Anti-oxidative  stability refers to the ability of low resistance and chemical reaction when oil temperature rises.Practice shows that the oil temperature rise every 10¡æ,the chemical reaction speed increased by about one time.The anti-oxidative stability good hydraulic oil long time use not easy to oxidize metamorphism,can guarantee the normal circulation of hydraulic oil.

5.Good resistance to emulsification and anti-foam.Anti-emulsification refers to the ability of the oil to be mixed with water and then stirred to become a emulsion and water to separate from it.The anti-bubble is the ability of the oil to be mixed with air and stirred to produce the emulsion,which separates the  bubbles from the oil.When mixed with water or air,the volume modulus of oil can be reduced,compressibility increases,hydraulic components are slow and easy to produce shock and vibration.

6.Anti-shear stability.In order to improve the oil viscosity index,often join methyl acrylic eater oil,polyisobutylene and other polymers,these substances molecular chain is longer,the oil flows through the hydraulic components of the slit by great shearing action,often can make the molecular chain scission,falling oil viscosity-temperature characteristics.The frequent commutation of the commutation valve during the engineering mechanical operation and the throttling of throttling require that the hydraulic oil have strong shear resistance.

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