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Knowledge Of Gantry Crane Bearings

Time2017/8/22 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

1.The gantry  crane reel device is in the fixed spindle,the situation is very small, only if the crane work with pressure,the method will be used.At this time,the gantry crane drum hub and bronze bushing or ball bearing,in the latter case,hub bearing installed inside a cylinder ,make structure of drum machine assembly and disassembly work become very complex.

2.The drum with a toothed ring is installed on a rotating axis.Henan  Weihua found that the shaft of the portal crane is supported on the spherical roller bearing.The bearing is fixed  firmly on the bearing seat. The other is the free device supported in the bearing seat.Spherical bearing can be compensated for machining and assembly is inaccurate,as well as the deformation produced during gantry crane.

3.Lubricating oil is realized by bearing pressure lubrication.Used for rope making screws to be fixed in the cylinder radial plate hole and enter.In order to make the gantry crane drum easy to install the heart axis,the drum hub different diameter.

4.The structure is very heavy,and the disassembly is very complicated,each part of the gantry crane parts creates all the uncertainties that affect the operating gear.

5.In selecting the bearing type and determining its size,the gantry crane must select the device and the fixed method  on the shaft bearing or bearing hole.

6.When selecting the corresponding gantry crane bearing device and fixed method, must consider the used and structure,transmission type ,the type of bearing,nature,scale and direction,the distance between the bearing,bearing accessories overall layout and specific application conditions and special conditions.

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