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How to prevent the phenomenon of crane tipping

Time2017/9/18 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

1.In recent years, with the development and use of cranes, the safety of cranes has gradually become the focus of attention. WeiHua specializing in the production and sales of cranes for many years, for its safety measures have accumulated a lot of measures, today for everyone to explain how to prevent the dumping of cranes.

2.The hoisting site road must be flat and solid, and the backfill soil and soft soil layer should be processed.If the soil is soft, lay the road alone.The crane is not allowed to rest on the slope, nor does it allow the two sides of the crane to be high and low.

3.Overload lifting is strictly prohibited.

4.Binding artifacts of the sling shall calculate all lifting tools should be regularly inspected for damage identification of banding method should correctly firmly to prevent lifting sling breakage or slip from the artifacts, make the crane weightlessness and tilting.

5.Important components and equipment that are not suspended from weight.

6.It is prohibited to carry out lifting work under the condition of class 6.

7.The conductor should use the unified command signal, the signal should be sharp and accurate.Crane pilots should follow the command.

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