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How to avoid the crane fuselage cracks

Time2017/9/27 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

As everyone knows, crane is a kind of lifting equipment is relatively large, the purchase cost is relatively high, so in order to prolong the life of lifting, making it more durable, we must understand the general situation of crane body during use may occur, such as lifting machine of the cracks, in order to crane can be used for a long time, we should pay attention to these problem:

Wind effect. The crane may operate in the open air, with the overall sun and rain, plus the role of the wind in the course of which the crane is subjected to a certain amount of wind. Once the wind is too large, the crane operation side while also resist the function of the wind load will bear the heavier, beyond the bearing capacity of the machine, and then strong machinery will be shaking moment, once the body has the mechanical overload may appear cracks and cracks.

Cracks may occur at the time of manufacture because of the lack of design foresight, without regard to the mechanical ruggedness, but also need to be prevented. The shape of the crane can reduce the damage of the main girder of the bridge crane when it is strengthened.

Improper erection of bridge cranes also causes corrosion and damage in the growing period. Therefore, in the installation of the usual inspection and should also be paid attention to, mechanical maintenance attention can not be missing. Because of the long time use of bridge crane, it will be corroded to different extent. If there is a certain impact force, the crack will appear. Therefore, in the inspection should pay attention to add lubricating oil, reduce friction, delay the service life of the crane.

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