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Daily inspection of wire rope electric hoist

Time2017/10/9 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Steel wire rope electric hoist must be used in the proper circumstances to use hoist hoist.Use of defective lifting hoist can cause serious damage to equipment or casualties.

1.Check the cable with wire rope electric hoist

Check whether the cables have been twisted, crushed, corroded, broken cables or cables.Check whether the steel rope has been put into cable drum and cable core.

2.Wire rope electric hoist check belt pulley

Check whether the hook is free to move in all directions.Check to see if it is securely tied, and see if it works.Check whether the cable core is free and smooth.

3.Wire rope electric hoist check hoist limit switch

Verify that the upper limit switch can be operated correctly.

4.Wire rope electric hoist

Electric hoist check button controller to see whether there are cracks or wear marks on the rack, and whether the button has been loosened or broken.Check the function and usage of buttons and switches.Check that the emergency button can be operated correctly.

During the test, no pressing button was pressed during lifting hoist.The right thing to do is to press the emergency button and verify that you can move the hoist with a button.

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