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Working grade of lifting machinery

Time2017/11/7 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Classification of crane working grade:

Cranes are machines that work intermittently and have short, repetitive features. In the work, the crane mechanism is open, stop, sometimes turn, and sometimes reverse. Some cranes work three hours a day, some work only one class, and some even work only a few times a day. This work shows that the crane and its institutions work in different levels of busyness. At the same time, the load acting on the crane is also changed, some cranes are often full load, and some often only light load, the load is very different.

In addition, due to different speed of different agencies, dynamic impact load is different.This kind of work characteristic of crane must be considered when designing crane parts, metal structure and determining power of crane power.Nowadays, as a main technical parameter of crane is the work level of crane, it replaces the unreasonable work system in the past.

Overall working grade of crane:

Crane working level is that crane work heavy degree of parameters, namely that crane work heavy degree in time and full degree of parameters, hook type will be divided into: A1, A3 (light);A4-A5 (intermediate);A6-A7 (heavy grade) three level seven items.

Light level (a1-13) : rarely lift rated load, generally lifting mild load, usually used for installation and maintenance equipment in power stations or other workplaces, or workshops and warehouses that are not used for work.

Intermediate (A4-15) : sometimes lifting rated load, generally lifting medium load, used for heavy work workshop and garage, such as general mechanical processing and general assembly workshop. 

Heavy level (A6 - A7) : lifting load rating as usual, general hoisting heavy load, used to work hard work workshop and warehouse, such as long time frequently crane carrying heavy frontal heavy goods and using metallurgical plant.

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