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Maintenance method for crane rotary support

Time2017/11/13 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

The rotary support of crane crane is the important "joint" of the crane, so its maintenance is very important.Here's how to maintain the rotary support of the crane:

In the implementation of maintenance work, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the danger of being dragged into the pinion gear, crushing and shear danger.When inspection and maintenance, to ensure that in start thought necessary rotary and range of motion, any maintenance staff is not in the main arm, get on the car and rolled plate between the zone or out of the car and rolled plate, the danger zone between the crane operator (except in the driver room).

Inspection of rotary support bolts

1.Inspect the bolts on the rotary support of the crane before or at least once a week.

2.After the first 100 working hours of the rotary support, check whether the bolts are loose and the 300 working hours are checked again;Every 500 working hours will be checked once.To shorten inspection distance in bad working conditions;

3.The rotary support is filled with lithium base grease before installation.

4.When replacing the bolt, clean the bolt and tighten the screw with thread.Using the crane according to the operating manual and the requirements of the crane table, or according to the requirement to check the fastening bolts according to the requirement, can avoid the danger of bolt exhaustion and destruction.

Routine inspection of rotary support

1.Check the flexibility of rotation on schedule;If noise and impact are found, check and troubleshoot immediately, and check if necessary;

2.Check whether there are cracks or damage in the rotary toothed ring, and whether the surface of the meshing tooth has occlusion, nibbling, denudation, etc.;

3.Check the condition of the seal in time, if the damage should be replaced in time, if it is found, it should be reset in time.The rotary supporting ring of the tooth surface of the lubricated rotary support is coated with anti-rust oil before the factory. This kind of rust preventive is generally 3 ~ 6 months. After the expiration date, it should be coated with anti-rust oil in time.

Lubrication rotary supporting roller

The raceway must be lubricated according to the working environment.After working 50 hours for the first time, the roll should be filled with grease, and then every 300 working hours will be injected again.The rotary support must be filled with grease before and after long placement.If you use a steam jet cleaner or a stationary sprinkler to clean the crane, you must be careful to ensure that the water does not penetrate the rotary support connection, and then the rotary support connection must be lubricated.

The grease should be carried out under the slow rolling of the rotary support. When the lubricating oil is overflowed from the seal, the filling will be completed. The spilled oil will form a thin film and the sealing effect will be formed.


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