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Features and attentions of frequency conversion single beam crane

Time2017/11/29 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

         Frequency of single-girder crane bridge girders with h type steel or steel and steel plate combination section, lifting the car is often hand chain hoist, electric hoist, or used as lifting mechanism parts assembled, lifting the goods used in different situations, and is widely used in machinery manufacturing, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgical workshop workshop, ports, railways, civil aviation, power station, paper making, building materials, electronics and other industries workshops, warehouses, yard, etc.It has the advantages of compact appearance, low clearance height, light weight and small wheel pressure. It is forbidden to be used in the flammable and explosive corrosive medium environment.

         The crane has two forms of operation in the ground and in the air. The ground operation has two kinds of handle operation with line handle and the handle of remote control. The air operation refers to the operation of the driver's room. There are two kinds of cab, open and closed. According to the actual situation, they can be divided into two forms: left or right side. There are two kinds of side entry and end faces in order to meet users' needs under different needs.

Its model mainly has the LDA type electric single-girder crane, LD type electric single-girder crane, HD type electric single-girder crane, LX model electric single-girder crane frequency and manual single beam suspension crane model SDXQ and single beam grab crane.

         1.A single girder bridge crane with a driver's cab or a driver should check the requirements of the spot check card according to the requirements of the spot check card before the driver takes the lead.

         2.The frequency conversion single beam crane is operated on the ground. Each class should be responsible for checking the card according to the requirements of the spot check card. The abnormal situation should be ruled out.

         3.The operator must be able to close the main power supply when it is confirmed that no person is on the platform or track.When the power circuit breaker is locked or a sign is on, it should be removed by the original owner to close the main power supply.

         It can be seen from the above that the application of variable frequency single beam crane is very common in modern enterprises, which not only reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency, but also plays an important role in realizing automation and modernization.

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