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Cranes are indispensable in any industry

Time2017/12/5 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

         The lifting machinery industry is an important part of our equipment manufacturing industry, which plays an indispensable role in economic construction. It is called the backbone of industrial manufacturing industry.The demand growth in the domestic market has contributed to the development and expansion of China's engineering crane industry.Since 2009, a large number of infrastructure construction of the project is the escort crane market, the sustainable development of new energy projects such as nuclear power, wind power for construction crane industry undoubtedly provides a new space to grow up.With the gradual promotion of the new lightweight crane, it will significantly improve the competitiveness, so which industries in the economic construction are indispensable in the construction of the crane? Let's briefly take a look at some examples.

          In port trade, cranes are indispensable, and foreign trade depends on Trade and transportation of goods in a lot of degrees. If we want to successfully transport all kinds of exports and other products, we must use cranes to allocate and place goods. Without crane, port trade is difficult to sustain. Therefore, cranes are indispensable for them.

          The construction industry as a necessary activity in the production and life, in houses, bridges, water conservancy projects such as the construction industry of bricks, stone, steel or construction equipment transported to the building, these must be approved by crane to complete operation, so as to ensure the progress of the project.

          The automobile industry is a very important industry in the national economy. When it comes to auto parts, cars, factories and cars, the whole process must be completed by cranes. It is an integral part of the whole process of production, configuration and sales.

Aerospace is a high-tech industry combining modern science and technology with information technology. It is also a symbol of national strength. The Aerospace Launch and operation to transmit to the Crane put its huge body to be deployed, so as to ensure that the mission of perfectness, crane high quality requirements, crane is an important part of the mission.

          The above are just a few simple examples. In fact, cranes are indispensable in all sectors of production and life. For many years, the development of Ding Ya crane has been integrated into many production areas.

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