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The future development prospect of crane in the machinery industry

Time2017/12/11 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

        From the lifting machinery industry growth rate, China in heavy industry has realized the value increasing, the increase in export volume, product promotion, enterprises are planning policy, the rapid growth of domestic economy to support high-end products industry gradually highlight its advantages.

        From 2010 to 2013, the tightening of macroeconomic environment, but the supply capacity increased by nearly two times, on the one hand, mainstream companies have to deal with all the pressure of competition, but also to seize the area of structural changes, the realization of the second international take-off in the strategic layout, quickly seize large tonnage to high in product and technology layout, China enterprises show again later one advantage of the "world" is or will be born, a new generation of technology revolution and round in order to enhance the user value as the theme is on the rise.

Future development trend

         At present, the lifting machinery is in the high speed development period of the market, and there is a great potential for the development of the market. With the development of modernization, the demand for cranes is higher and higher. The lifting machinery is developing towards large-scale, automation and specialization.

Large scale

         Since the new century, the trend of large-scale engineering has accelerated, and the domestic super crawler crane has begun to appear in front of the public. The 1000 - ton and 2000 - ton crawler crane has been launched successively, which unveiled the prelude to the rapid development of the super crawler crane in our country. At present, the largest sales of the crane market is 5~8t products, accounting for more than 50% of the total sales. Due to the large number of manufacturers and the increasingly fierce price competition, the profit margins of products become narrower, while the profit margins of large tonnage products are far more than those of small tonnage products. From the direction of the development of the domestic automobile chassis, large tonnage truck market is growing rapidly, FAW, heavy truck manufacturers are speeding up development of large tonnage truck chassis, the large tonnage bridge crane products with large tonnage chassis market expand gradually growth in 2011 above 10t products accounted for total sales of less than 30%. The first half of this year, more than 10t products accounted for 33% of total sales, in the next few years, the products of large tonnage bridge crane, the series will have larger development space, demand is gradually increasing trend.

         With the start of large-scale projects, lifting and transshipment of materials will provide broader development space for lifting appliances. Market demand is increasing and industry prospect is good.

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