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A narrow path meets a brave man

Time2017/12/18 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

      Adjustment is the only way out for the transformation and upgrading to benefit, which is the focus of the consensus and focus of the social situation to all the machinery industry.

      In the face of the crane market continued weakness in the traditional crane industry internal market is staged differentiation, transformation and rebirth, WeiHua as leading enterprise of bridge and gantry crane in general, in the current fierce competition in the market will not be completely indifferent, must be driven forward. For sales to complete the task we have to establish the confidence and determination, to know mountain tiger, undeterred by the courage of a brave man and domineering, resolutely to WeiHua sales have a new breakthrough .

    In view of the major breakthroughs in the marketing of machinery enterprises, the following points must be done:

    1. Strengthen the introduction of professional marketing personnel and technical personnel to improve the overall level and the accuracy of the quotation.

    2. For the design and manufacture of mechanical products, the standard type products should be prepared for technical reserve.

    3. To strengthen the training of new knowledge of the product, the internal staff should be trained every month, and the external professionals need to be hired to train the internal staff.

    4.Increase the publicity and promotion of the product in the ranks of the staff, and carry out the transfer of market information.

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