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What are the requirements for a bridge type crane to erect a mast

Time2017/12/25 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Workshop bridge crane is generally used in single mast integral hoisting upright, vertical mast height, location, and so on has important function to the small and medium-sized bridge crane, because it not only can improve the integral lifting of crane, can also can improve the work efficiency, shorten the construction period, reduce the aerial work.Let's take a look at what are the requirements for a bridge crane to erect a mast?

1.Height of masts: the maximum height of the mast is the height of the floor to the roof board minus the operating space between the top of the mast to the roof board and the height of the sleeper.The minimum height should meet the need for lifting height.

2. Position of the mast: since the mast needs to be erected on the center of the bridge crane between the two main girders of the cart, the trolley must be offset, and the mast should deviate from the center line of the plant.The deviation should be calculated according to the car's weight, the small car's weight and the car offset distance.

3. Processing: at the bottom of the mast at the bottom of the mast should be solid, level off, put two layer above sleepers, when necessary or between two layers of sleepers and rail beams, laying area base endurance determine by calculation, ensure the ground under the mast of the axial pressure.

4. The mast can be erected: the mast can be erected by mobile crane, which is both fast and safe. It can also be used to stand the mast with the legs of the crane.When the crane leg is used to pull up the mast, the crane beam and bracket shall be checked by force, ensuring that the horizontal horizontal force does not exceed the maximum lifting load in the span, and the sum of the rated load of the bridge crane and the sum of the car volume is 1/20.

Erect masts, should advance temporary mast cable wind rope tied on the roof bottom chord close to the mast, after being mast suspended to determine location, immediately all the cable wind rope fastened on the top of the mast, and tighten the ground, such as the individual cable wind rope force after the lift or the condition of the suspension roof truss chord, then the temporary cable wind rope pulls the mast, adjust cable wind rope fixed to a suitable location, temporary cable wind rope loosen again.

5. Hang block group, set the hoist For small and medium-sized bridge machine, can generally be hang two purchase, use two electric hoist lifting, hoist setting location and distance from the center of the mast is greater than the length of the mast, fixed hoist available in columns of the plant root, but in the bundled cushion block should be protected.

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