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Different classifications of cranes according to the nature of the work

Time2018/1/2 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

According to the different working nature of the crane, the type and function of the crane are different. According to the crane work busy degree and load change degree, usually the work type of crane: light level, intermediate level heavy and heavy 4 levels.

The working type and lifting weight of a crane are two different concepts. The weight of the crane is large, it is not necessarily a heavy grade, and the weight is small, and it is not necessarily a light grade. For example, the lifting capacity of a crane for a hydropower station is up to hundreds of tons, but there are few opportunities to use. It is only used when installing units and repair units, and the rest time is resting there. Therefore, although the lifting capacity is large, it is still light. TheGantry crane, which is used in the station yard, is not very heavy, but the work is very busy, and it belongs to the type of heavy grade work.

The working type of the crane has a very close relationship with the safety performance. The crane with the same weight, span and lifting height has different safety factor when designing and manufacturing, that is, the type, size and specification of the parts are different. Such as wire rope and brake, because of different working type and different safety factor (light level safety factor is small, heavy safety factor is large), the selected models are different. It's like 10t's bridge crane. The power of the lifting motor for the intermediate working type (JC=25%) is N=16KW, while for the heavy duty type (JC=40%), the power of the lifting motor is N=23.5KW.

From above, we can see that if light duty cranes are used in heavy duty work place, cranes will often fail and affect safety production. Therefore, in the safety inspection, we should pay attention to the type of crane working in accordance with the working conditions.

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