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Safety requirements for hoisting operation of bridge crane

Time2018/1/10 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Safety requirements for hoisting operation of bridge crane

Crane hoisting operation personnel must hold special work certificate. An object with a lifting weight of more than 10 tons must be handled "safety operation certificate for hoisting".

The lifting construction plan should be made by the lifting of the body and the main structure of the civil engineering. The lifting weight is more than 40 tons. Although the crane is less than 40 tons, but the shape is complex, the rigidity is small, the ratio of length to diameter is large, the precision is precious, and the construction condition is special. We should also establish hoisting construction plan. The construction plan for hoisting can be carried out by the competent department of construction and the Department of safety and technology for approval by the director of the factory or the chief engineer for approval.

Before all kinds of hoisting operations, safety warning signs should be set up in advance and special guardianship should be set up in the hoisting site, and non constructors shall not be allowed to enter.

During the hoisting operation, enough lighting should be made at night. When heavy snow, heavy rain, heavy fog and more than six levels of wind are encountered in the outdoor operation, the operation should be stopped.  

The hoisting worker must wear safety cap. The helmet should comply with the GB 2811, and the HG 23014 must be observed when the operation is high.

Before lifting operation, we must check all kinds of machinery such as hoisting equipment, wire rope, wind rope, chain, hook and so on. We must ensure safety and reliability, and do not allow sick use.  

Hoisting operation, must be a clear division of labor, stick to their posts, and press contact signal GB 5082 regulations, unified command.

It is strictly forbidden to use pipe, pipe rack, electric pole, mechanical and electrical equipment and so on. The buildings and structures shall not be used as anchorage points without the examination and accounting of the motor and construction departments.

Necessary to run parts, lifting machinery safety device and sling and rigging safety check with the installed before operation safety device of hoisting equipment should be sensitive and reliable. Before hoisting, you must try to lift it.  

No one is allowed to hoist or hoist a mechanical lift. Under special circumstances, it must be lifted and lifted, and reliable safety measures should be taken and approved by the field commanders.

Lifting site to fire, shall comply with the provisions of HG 23011. The lifting sling operation site, hawser cable, dragging rope to avoid contact with live line, and keep a safe distance.

Styling hoisting machinery (crawler crane, tire crane, bridge crane hoisting operation, etc.) in addition to comply with the standard, but also should abide by the rules of the shaping machine.

Hoisting operation, must be in accordance with the provisions of load hoisting, sling and rigging by using calculation, non overload operation.  When the lifting weight is close to or up to the rated lifting capacity, the brake should be checked, and the suspension will be lifted smoothly with a low height and short stroke. Hanging below, traffic and work prohibited to stand.

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