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Improving domestic and foreign competitiveness of domestic cranes

Time2018/2/23 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Over the years, the crane industry in China has been developing rapidly, and has been known as the world's largest manufacturing country in the world. And we have the reputation of a prosperous place in Changyuan. However, the large and poor development of the Chinese crane industry is the consensus of the world. On the one hand, affected by the economic crisis, the foreign crane manufacturers are looking for a better way to get their eyes together in our country. On the other hand, domestic enterprises have put forward higher requirements for the performance of the crane. From these two aspects of pressure, the development of cranes in China is facing more severe domestic and foreign situations. However, it is not impossible for China's crane industry to achieve bigger and stronger development.

At present, the development of China's crane industry is in the process of losing domestic advantages, coupled with the increasing competition at home and abroad. Under the market forced mechanism, domestic enterprises should seize the opportunities brought by upgrading and transformation. By constantly improving the technological innovation capability of enterprises, we can enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, standardize the development of the industry, and achieve the institutionalization of industry management. Domestic cranes are rejected by overseas barriers in the process of export, mainly because the domestic industry is not standardized or standardized, and can not meet the standard entry threshold of the international market. Let our products sell out in the domestic market, in the process of export push out, is the core to enhance the competitiveness of products. So for the development of domestic crane industry to occupy a monopoly position is not impossible, in addition to the enterprise thoroughly updated, the national government also needs to unified industry standards and improve the access threshold, so that domestic crane industry development can be achieved by the gorgeous big to strong.

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