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A brief introduction to several parts of the crane

Time2018/3/7 PostHenan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

The crane is a machine that uses one or a few simple machines to create a machine that can increase the weight to a certain height. Our Weihua Group Co., Ltd. specializes in cranes production for many years. Next, we will talk about several parts of cranes by Weihua group:

1. lever. A lever balanced crane contains a horizontal beam (lever) revolving around a pivot. The lever rule makes the weight load of a beam near the near segment can be promoted by a smaller force applied to the opposite direction of the beam. The ratio of gravity provided by the weight of the goods is the ratio of the length of the long beam to the short beam. This is what is called the mechanical upper wind.

2. Winch. A cantilever crane contains a protruding bar (cantilever) that supports a fixed pulley group. The cable is repeatedly surrounded by a fixed pulley group and a pulley mounted on the load. When the head of the rope is dragged by a manpower or a wind driven machine, the pulley group exerts a force on the load, that is, the magnitude of the force is multiplied by the length of the cable length between the two pulley blocks. The result is the so-called mechanical upper wind.

3. Hydraulic cylinder This can be used to directly promote goods or indirectly move the boom or crossbeam with other lifting devices. Just like all machines, the crane also follows the law of conservation of energy. This means that the energy applied to the load of the object is not possible to exceed the energy of the input machine. It is like to say that a pulley system multiplied by the force used is 10, then the load object moves only to the interval of the force 1/10. As the energy is the force multiplied by the interval, the output energy is the energy of the output.

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